Saturday, December 15, 2007

_________ Nickel

Buffalo was COLD! And it was the second time we saw some real snowfall, which was nice. Like I said earlier, this winter is doing something to me. I’m really enjoying it. Moving from the warm-er climate of Philly to the higher latitudes of Chicago was a bit shocking at first, but luckily I came equipped with a scarf, gloves and a heavy coat!

Our hotel was pretty nice, and when we first got there the guys went down to eat some lunch and I stayed up to take a much-needed shower. After I was done with that, the guys came up shortly after, fairly dissatisfied with the quality of the meal, and we watched some murder mystery shows on TV until it was time to go to the venue.

December 1, 2007
Buffalo, NY

Conveniently located on Mohawk St., this place is very much what I'd call a picturesque small rock club complete with a bar, show posters and stickers everywhere. When we first got there, Rono drove around to the side looking for a loading dock to bring the van into, and as we found one this guy came walking up to the car talking to us. We all thought he worked at the venue, turns out he was just a bum off the street. He took Rono’s cigarette right out of his hand! It was actually pretty hilarious. He was like, “C’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon” and just took the thing. Ha! He also told us he was the baddest drummer in Buffalo.

Anyway, this night was the first time I met Junko. She’s a Redwalls fan that came all the way from Japan just to catch a few of these shows on tour. She’s been out here a few times before, so the guys know her well, but this was our first meeting. She’s awesome… AND she bought me ninja socks for Christmas!

So this show went well, and many of the fans there were present the last time The Redwalls went through Buffalo with Hot Hot Heat, and made it known too. I sold some sweet merch goodies and after the show we hung out at the bar for a little bit. The place was open until 4AM. I know one of those after-hours places that exists in Philly, but sorry folks, restaurant personnel only.

Other highlights of the night include a chicken finger sandwich from a few blocks away. Deeeee-lish!

3/4 standing around.

Performance, you can see some of the Whigs in there too.

Hanging out afterwards with some dudes from Handsome Jack.

Ew, wet snow.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


For those of you that haven't noticed yet, the NYC and Philly posts are up down below. The Baltimore one will be up eventually...

The Northern Country!

Boy, we were worried as to whether or not we would make it over the border. How many horror stories have I heard about bands getting pulled into secondary for six hours while they open everything and send dogs in to sniff stuff… too many. Luckily, I was on top of the whole passport situation, meaning the ones who don’t have them didn’t need them, and kept things in order for a smooth crossing. Rono handled the questions and took care of business, and before we knew it we were driving through Ontario.

Our hotel was located on top of a large underground mall, and it gave me something to do for a bit while we waited for load in. I went down and bought a couple tapes to use with this video camera I have, hopefully I can get some good footage of these gents. I also bought some gummy bears!

November 30, 2007
Toronto, ON

When we arrived at the venue we were searching for a load in spot when Rono decided to pull down a tiny alley with no outlet, and we proceeded to get stuck in there with the trailer for a good 20 minutes. I was worried we weren’t going to make it out, but luckily Rono can drive this thing and maneuvered the beast through a series of K, X and Q turns to the road once again. Then moments later, we pulled down second alley with no outlet. This time it was the right place to be, though the venue guys made us wait to load in while they grabbed a few cases of beer from the hummer behind us. They said, “Sorry! Beer’s the priority!”


I guess the second floor of the venue was having construction done on it, because the entire night the whole place was ice cold. I absolutely hate having to sit by the front door for extended periods of time. Why can’t they put me someplace warmer? And then the bar never has anything warm to drink. Ah, the woes of a merch person…

All the money I made was in Canadian. Their money makes me happy. It has children ice-skating on it and people playing hockey. Ours is one color and has dinosaurs. I heard they signed some sort of declaration about our indifference… or maybe it was independence. Oh well.

I met Maria who is on the street team, as well as her friend. I forgot his name though, sorry! Tell me and I’ll fix it. His name is JUSTIN!

It snowed here too, and as much as I’m usually seasonally depressed, I can’t help but realize how much better I feel this year for some reason. I am enjoying aspects of winter I used to loathe. It’s weird, but I’m going to ride it out. I also realized how not-cold Philadelphia actually is. Stop whining, peers of mine.

Approaching T-ronto.

Something tall and pointy.

Damn beer Hummer.


Logan and Rob.

The Wizard of Robz. I tried...

Outside this landmark club. The Stones played here!

Day One, Tour Two

Last night was the first night on this tour, and I think we’re all satisfied!

The Crofoot was the first venue on the last tour as well, but this time we headed upstairs to something called The Pike Room. It was the smaller, but more rock and roll sister room in the place. Highlights of the night include a giant greenroom for the guys, my Italian grinder and the enthusiastic fans there to see The Redwalls. I’m sure as we move along the crowds are only going to get bigger.

Not much to say about the place otherwise.

The night was an introduction for us all as well, and we got a chance to meet the guys from the Whigs and Jonathan Rice, both of whom are putting on great shows. I’m really looking forward to the rest of this tour!

Philly sunset minutes before departure to Chi-town.

He looks cheery.

Where The Redwalls practice kind of.

Who da man? Thanks Rono :) Mitch looks like he's about to pee.

Mr. Mitch.

Piling in.

The Pike Room.