Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Northern Country!

Boy, we were worried as to whether or not we would make it over the border. How many horror stories have I heard about bands getting pulled into secondary for six hours while they open everything and send dogs in to sniff stuff… too many. Luckily, I was on top of the whole passport situation, meaning the ones who don’t have them didn’t need them, and kept things in order for a smooth crossing. Rono handled the questions and took care of business, and before we knew it we were driving through Ontario.

Our hotel was located on top of a large underground mall, and it gave me something to do for a bit while we waited for load in. I went down and bought a couple tapes to use with this video camera I have, hopefully I can get some good footage of these gents. I also bought some gummy bears!

November 30, 2007
Toronto, ON

When we arrived at the venue we were searching for a load in spot when Rono decided to pull down a tiny alley with no outlet, and we proceeded to get stuck in there with the trailer for a good 20 minutes. I was worried we weren’t going to make it out, but luckily Rono can drive this thing and maneuvered the beast through a series of K, X and Q turns to the road once again. Then moments later, we pulled down second alley with no outlet. This time it was the right place to be, though the venue guys made us wait to load in while they grabbed a few cases of beer from the hummer behind us. They said, “Sorry! Beer’s the priority!”


I guess the second floor of the venue was having construction done on it, because the entire night the whole place was ice cold. I absolutely hate having to sit by the front door for extended periods of time. Why can’t they put me someplace warmer? And then the bar never has anything warm to drink. Ah, the woes of a merch person…

All the money I made was in Canadian. Their money makes me happy. It has children ice-skating on it and people playing hockey. Ours is one color and has dinosaurs. I heard they signed some sort of declaration about our indifference… or maybe it was independence. Oh well.

I met Maria who is on the street team, as well as her friend. I forgot his name though, sorry! Tell me and I’ll fix it. His name is JUSTIN!

It snowed here too, and as much as I’m usually seasonally depressed, I can’t help but realize how much better I feel this year for some reason. I am enjoying aspects of winter I used to loathe. It’s weird, but I’m going to ride it out. I also realized how not-cold Philadelphia actually is. Stop whining, peers of mine.

Approaching T-ronto.

Something tall and pointy.

Damn beer Hummer.


Logan and Rob.

The Wizard of Robz. I tried...

Outside this landmark club. The Stones played here!


redlipsnpearlz said...

"Ours is one color and has dinosaurs"-that killed me.
Well it seems like you're having fun...if freezing your ass off is fun. Make some videos, we need entertainment too!

ellie said...

What's the white stuff in the Hummer picture? just kidding... It's still t-shirt weather down here in GA, so no snow.

Laura said...

Hah, gotta love Canadian moolah. =]

Sounds like an adventure. =D
Funny how things can be so different just on the other side of the border, eh?

C'mon over to Seattle.
We have snow here too...
just a little.
...actually, not really.
But still, come on over. =D

Sean said...

Do the Redwalls play any new unreleased songs live these days (excluding covers) ?

EJ said...

dude, the stones didnt just play there, they recorded an album there!! while, richards was so getting hassled by the mounties for heroin use

lisa said...

It snowed basically all day here today. There's not a lot of now on the ground, but some did stick. However, seeing as you've been getting some snow of your own in various locations, you're not really missing out.

Maria Pilar said...

His name's Justin! But I'm happy you remembered mine.
I've got the pictures up on Facebook =)

Anonymous said...

yea i agree make some videos puh-lease :D

Anonymous said...

yea i agree make some videos puh-lease :D

Maria Pilar said...

Haha, nice!