Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Day One, Tour Two

Last night was the first night on this tour, and I think we’re all satisfied!

The Crofoot was the first venue on the last tour as well, but this time we headed upstairs to something called The Pike Room. It was the smaller, but more rock and roll sister room in the place. Highlights of the night include a giant greenroom for the guys, my Italian grinder and the enthusiastic fans there to see The Redwalls. I’m sure as we move along the crowds are only going to get bigger.

Not much to say about the place otherwise.

The night was an introduction for us all as well, and we got a chance to meet the guys from the Whigs and Jonathan Rice, both of whom are putting on great shows. I’m really looking forward to the rest of this tour!

Philly sunset minutes before departure to Chi-town.

He looks cheery.

Where The Redwalls practice kind of.

Who da man? Thanks Rono :) Mitch looks like he's about to pee.

Mr. Mitch.

Piling in.

The Pike Room.


sarahjane said...

The Whigs pretty much own at life!

I saw them here in Portland a week or two after you and the guys rolled through with rooney and the spree....and they played an amazing show. I had waited over 2 years to see them and it was definitely worth the wait.

For some reason I chickened out though when it came to talking to them and I had to cut out shortly after their set for work...oh the life of working late nights.

I hope the road is treating you well kid! Can't wait to hear what you say about T.T.'s I could never decide whether I loved or hated that place, but I would have loved to have seen the guys there.

Anonymous said...

justin's hat is hot.

redlipsnpearlz said...

Someone already said what I was going to say...Justin's hat is hot. =)

Emily said...

The show in Pontiac was AWESOME! I wish I could to go to Chicago this weekend :(

xtine said...

I'm so upset my friends are having a show in chicago on the 8th so i can't go to the redwalls show. i was so pumped! =[

and i didn't realize how cute you are. lol damn now i'm really mad i wont be at the chicago show since you had other things to do last time..

Anonymous said...

...andrew's mittens make appearances 2 and 3. score!