Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Anybody Remember Hey! Arnold?

Eugene is boring. I don’t want to put across the wrong impression though. I’m a big city kind of guy. This place is quaint and nice, very pretty too, but not my kind of place. Thankfully we didn’t spend much time there!

October 28, 2007
Eugene, OR

And it’s back to the nice big theatres with lobbies for me to sit in. I don’t mind swapping back and forth between lobby and actual room where the music is. It helps me remain underwhelmed by similar sets all the time. I haven’t gotten sick of the show yet though, and I strongly recommend going if you can.

A cool girl named Sarah Jane, a recently acquired Redwalls fan and acquaintance that I shared an easygoing and fun conversation with via Portland, showed up to this show as well. It was a surprise visit and very nice to see her a second time before I disappeared into the mash of time that a tour creates. Eugene was a quick stay overall, and I packed up merch right after the set and we headed out for a late night six hour drive down to Redding, CA.

Outside the McDonald Theatre.

Shot from the balcony... this place was spacious!

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