Saturday, October 20, 2007

Frederick Pabst Owns Milwaukee

It’s rainy and grey beyond the van windows, just an unexcitable day overall. It is only nine in the morning though; there are still plenty of hours remaining. We’re already on the road to Minneapolis, which happens to be one of the longer-average drives we have, maybe around six or seven hours? I’ll tell you once we’re done. Thank goodness I have all this car time to do the little things I can never seem to dig up the seconds for back home… I’ve been reading (House of Leaves, Alice In Wonderland + Critical Essays, etc.), thinking and writing (this blog specifically, without this time I doubt you’d be hearing much from me!).

I’ve become pretty attached to my sleeping bag, and it’s one of the few things where the basics suffice. I like gadgets with capabilities, and I’d prefer to do everything from one little machine, but I’ve decided I don’t need a sleeping bag with a heater and flat screen in each of the separate rooms and even a self-rolling feature. Well not yet, at least.

My favorite part of being on the road is the exposure your brain gets to all kinds of people and music and ideas. Not to mention the professional input I can get anytime I want from any of these guys. It’s really interesting to catch bits and pieces of potential licensing deals, what kind of sponsorships exist, and tons of top secret uber-classified intelligence that I can’t release to you because The Redwalls are actually spies working for the Czech Republic. Oops!

As a side note, Ricky Gervais is hilarious.

October 18, 2007
Milwaukee, WI

This show was one of my favorites so far. The crowd topped out at around 650, and The Redwalls killed it in merch. I also received my all-access pass for the tour, which is pretty awesome. There were constantly people bouncing around the merch area, swaying to and fro between Rooney and myself, trying to decide what they wanted to buy. So I flash ‘em a magnetic smile (no I do not have braces) and draw them in to buy things! Oh wait… it was just the band standing beside me signing CD’s that did it. Still, I like to think I’m helping the matter!

The show was sat in by one of The Redwalls old drummers (circa Universal Blues era), Jordan. He was a great player, knew the songs by heart, and you could tell he was excited as early as the night before when he and I stood side stage during the set and he was humming lyrics/guitars and slapping his legs in the same fashion he would a kit. When we walked through the load in door it led straight to the stage, and whilst looking out over the 1300-seat venue I wondered if I would ever get the chance to perform in a place like that.

After the show we returned to the hotel, and I got a quick catnap before Rob showed up from Chicago with his drums ready to be loaded into the trailer. It was late, so as soon as we finished it was back to bed with me.

Andrew and Logan outside of the Pabst.

That place was massive!



helena. said...

i'm not gonna lie, you played a big role in my decision to buy merch.

ahaha =]]

ferreal tho.
you did.
you had the most beautiful smile, ever.
i think i must've walked past the merch tables like 30483084 times. true story.

do you get a lott of people who spazz out 'cause of the free stickers, or was that just me, 'cause i definitely got way too excited.

ohmann, anyway.
basically, i'm incredibly envious of you and the fun you're most likely having with the two best bands on the planett.

that is all.
seeyahhh later && take care

Anonymous said...

I always get excited whenever I see you guys live. And it's awesome that you're from Chicago, since Milwaukee's just a second away. If you can, you guys should come back up here after the show at the Metro w/ Jonathan Rice in December. That would be INSANE.

Take care, and lots of love,