Thursday, October 18, 2007

Going Home to Home...

I got that feelin' again...
- Nick Onorato

Great song, you should hear it.

After spending my day exploring Chicago all by my lonesome (my blog), it was time to head back to home base and head in for load in.

October 17, 2007
Chicago, IL

The Vic Theatre is this really cool place with a classic marquis out front and a mezzanine inside. It looked like a converted playhouse, and besides the floors and walls being painted black, it remained classy with red and gold carpets, curtains and everything else. Last night was the biggest show yet, somewhere around 750 or more showed up to revel in the music. Unfortunately the crowd didn’t peak until TPS hit the stage. Once again The Redwalls put on a show, and I should have videos up of them soon.

The coolest part of this date by far is that it’s the first chance I had to hang out backstage. The venue had an assigned merch guy, so I was pretty much left with nothing to do but check on the stock every once in a while. In the mean time, I sat downstairs in the hallway amongst the various offices and green rooms on my computer, or upstairs taking pictures from far stage right. I still haven’t met everyone, there are so many people running around constantly it doesn’t leave much time for conversation. But it is only the fourth day in or so, I have plenty of time left.

The Vic at night.


Jessica said...

Came all the way from St. Louis to see the show at the Vic. Always worth it! Great job to you, the guys, and everyone else. Good luck with the rest of the tour!

curly said...

That far huh? I've heard their fans are dedicated. There are only a few bands that I would personally make that trek for, so the fact that you did it for these guys says a lot. Thanks for the wishes and we'll hopefully see you on the road again soon!

janedoe said...

Hey, jealous!! I have to sit and grade papers! Say Hi to the guys for me, and I'll look forward to reading about your travels....
Marcy RW