Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Day. Number. Two.

We slept in this time, just a bit though. It was only a four-hour drive to Cincinnati and the guys didn’t require much time in the hotel before we moved on to Bogarts. Cincinnati is a strange city that seems to have a lot of Philly influence, but I’ve noticed that in multiple cities across the country. We hit the hotel an hour earlier than expected, and while the guys went up into the room I kept an eye on the van for Rono while he negotiated with the parking lot people. This woman approached me and asked if we were a touring band, and then proceeded to start massaging my arms. She was… interesting. After she was done, she went on her merry way, and my arms did feel a lot better.

October 15, 2007

We eventually left for Bogarts, and found the load in area easily thanks to TPS’s two giant tour buses. The band loaded in through the elevator and I went to work on merch. My job over the past two days was to organize everything and get a total count in, as well as selling the stuff to any willing customer. I rolled and taped a total of I don’t know how many t-shirts, but damn it would be hard to get lost in those bins now. I was starving at that point, and luckily we got a buyout, so I ran across the street to this great place called Martino’s. The sandwich was amazing. Go there.

The show went well overall, the tickets sold were somewhere around 260, definitely low for a club with a capacity somewhere around 1200. The place was still bustling though, and fans were enthusiastic. The Redwalls dealt with another short sound check, which seems to be the trend of the tour, but still successfully played another great set. It’s always entertaining hearing Justin yell, “Maestro!”

By the end of the night there were plenty of signatures floating around, and a few fans crowding The Redwalls’ merch table. A couple even came back for more!

After tonight, I’m seeing much more potential for this experience than I saw before. Next on the itinerary… a day off in which I plan to explore Chicago a bit, and then the Chicago show at the Vic Theatre and an after party at the Kinetic Playground. The next two days should be awesome!

Outside the venue.

Rob and Logan waiting to load in.

Loading out! (w/ Andrew)

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