Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dance Baby!

Whoever this kid is, he's awesome. I wish I could let loose like him. He provided me with ample entertainment during Rooney's set in Portland. Here he is actually fake running to their cover of "Runaway".


Jessica said...

LOL That's hilarious!

Anonymous said...

why do i feel like you CAN..and DID bust a move like that kid?

curly said...

ah ha! You are a clever one anonymous... verrrrry punny.

sarahjane said...

too bad you weren't inside the room at the Eugene show...you would have seen me recreating it to odd looks from the crowd and laughs from Rooney.

I watched/studied that guy from the balcony during the Polyphonic Spree's set in Portland.

I think his grandpa was at the Eugene show, because we had a rockin' old man by us for Rooney's set...he took off his hat and everything.