Saturday, October 13, 2007


If any of you are wondering what it’s really like to be out here and doing this… it’s quickly climbing the list of my favorite things on this Earth. I haven’t exactly decided on what about it that really gets me… the travel is amazing, I see new places constantly, meet new people, drink new drinks, eat new eats and I can’t remember the last time I used the same bathroom consecutively. Too much info? Sorry, just trying to convey the experience. I’m a bit of an anti-pilgrim myself, not really looking to settle in one spot yet. Columbus in a van… minus the raping and pillaging. Well, I pillage the catering every once in a while. Free beer? Come on! Even my bedroom is strewn with clothes and papers and memories from the last time I was out not all that long ago. You might ask, “Well don’t you get homesick? Don’t you miss your friends?” Well, yes of course! The months off did me good, but I already felt antsy to move again once I settled back into the routine of classes. Grades are not a pleasant thing to worry about. You learn things about yourself when you’re out and off for so long. And I still haven’t deterred the idea of disappearing for half a year to do nothing but explore the territories I can’t call home because I’ve never been there, or floating down the Mississippi with a best friend in a raft painting and writing and busking wherever we decided to stop, which will probably be determined by a blind, instinctual yearning. I don’t think I plan on deterring it either…

I’d like for this writing to help you get to know me a little bit beyond words on your screen, even if we’ve never met or will never meet. I think the writing will help me get to know myself a bit better as well, so even if I don’t reach anyone, I’m still working to get something out of this. I appreciate comments, emails, letters, constructive criticism and suggestions.

Most importantly I’m going to be documenting my journey with the guys you know as The Redwalls (The Pages for you long-timers). Pictures, videos and maybe some playful quotes will all be included. If you want to see something added or have a question for the guys just ask, I’ll try and work with you to find you an answer.

Now for the technical info: My name is Mike Giuliana, I live in Philadelphia and I am a student at Drexel University, home of MAD Dragon Records, who are now supporting The Redwalls new release. When I’m not on the road I work as a busboy at one of the most prestigious restaurants in Center City. I enjoy music thoroughly, have a side project of my own called living/breathing/singing/screaming and recently came home from my first and entirely DIY multi-national tour with a San Diego based indie surf rock band called Da Bears. My friends are all awesome. I have curly hair.

And that about wraps it up! I’ll probably modify this as time goes on, or add similar posts every once in a while. Most of all I hope you enjoy reading this and hearing about the band from where I am in this whole thing.

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