Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dorothy, WAKE UP!

October 20, 2007
Lawrence, KS

I actually liked this little town, besides all the drunken frat boys running around a few hours past the sun breaching the horizon. It was a quaint strip of stores (something like 30% were yarn shops) that seemed to all run like family businesses. The only names I recognized were Urban Outfitters and Jimmy John’s, which by the way, is a million freaking times better than Subway. I loathe that place more than words can describe. Jared, just get out of my head!

The theatre was very cool, consisting of ramps down to the general admission area and platforms stepping up to the back wall. I was finally able to set up merch in the actual theatre again so I could watch the show. The Redwalls definitely had some sway at this venue, and you could tell plenty of people were there for them. Two fans actually drove up from St. Louis to catch the show, similar to another back at the Vic in Chicago. St. Louis? Talk about dedication! The band played “Build A Bridge” in their set, and it was awesome. I really like that song (See the commercial!).

After Kansas we had a wonderful day off spent on the road up to Denver, CO. The hotel we stayed in was awesome, very classy. There was a statue of a buck with one hoof in the air right in the center of the main area beyond the lobby. If deer howled, that’s what it would be doing. There was also a grand piano, which Justin was about to play when a suited employee materialized out of thin air and told him to stop. Whoa.

The next day was spent doing laundry, drinking Starbucks coffee, and going to the venue. I don’t know if it was the high altitudes (about a mile above sea level) or what, but that grande white chocolate mocha did something funny to me. I was disoriented and couldn’t think straight… man was it horrible. Finally it wore of once we hit the venue and I was able to get the merch set up. The Gothic Theatre was an interesting place, and I wish it were located closer to where I live. I’d probably go a lot.

The wonderful Granada Theatre.


cara said...

hi mike,
it was a pleasure to meet you in lawrence...thanks for remembering me! :]

here is a link to my pictures from that night if you're interested:

i hope the rest of the tour is amazing, and see you again in indianapolis! :]

+cara from st. louis+

Jessica said...

hell yeah St. Louis loves The Redwalls! We want you guys to come visit soon. :)

Anonymous said...

So, you were the guy that looked at my husband like he had three heads when he bought the cd. :)

Patrice said...

Jimmy John's is where it is at, my after concert hang out. ;)

Oh and you can't forget Chipotle is also on this strip.