Tuesday, October 30, 2007


What is there to say about Portland other than it’s incredible. That’s with all sincerity, and though I’ve only been there twice, it’s had the same effect on me both times. It’s the kind of feeling that you hope doesn’t wear off the next time you go there or experience something. If you haven’t felt that before, or if you haven’t felt it reinforced by a secondary exposure, go to Portland. Twice.

This is the only place on Da Bears’ summer tour that I suddenly was very fond of, before we even broke the boundary of trees surrounding the city. It was on the I-5 North, and mere minutes before we could see the skyline I said I can tell I like this city already. Corny? POP! In your face! It was delightful to come back, I must say.

Anyway, we finally left those trees behind and shot up onto one of the many bridges surrounding Portland, this one being my favorite entrance so far. The sun glistened off of the river running alongside the picture-perfect buildings that seemed unblemished surrounded by such perfection. I faintly remember someone murmuring something about Steve Malkmus in the background. Oh wait, it was Ryan (DB), and he wouldn’t stop talking about Steve. Pavement fans… what are you going to do with them? Mr. Malkmus lives there. Who wouldn’t want to? And like the river mirrored the tall buildings gracing its edge, so did my second time there mirror the first. Things that stand out… Good people, good weather, good street sizes (though bad construction), good food, good music and in general just a place I would like to live in. Wow, I really like Portland.

So we got in early in order to get set up for the in-store at Music Millennium, one of the better established record stores in the area. Turns out when we got there, they were like “Hey! So are you guys ready for your set tomorrow?” Tomorrow? That’s right folks, we showed up a whole day early. Waking up in the early AM to leave Seattle and get to Portland only to discover our schedule was whacked. Oh well, more time in the city for me! We went to the hotel, and settled in a bit before Rob, Andrew and I decided to head out for some food.

We came across this place called Oliver’s, and they managed to lure us all into the same entrée… a stuffed steak burger. So good, and actually the best thing any one of us had eaten in the past however long. After that it was back to the hotel, a little wasted time, and then on to the venue.

October 27, 2007
Portland, OR

I liked this place. A running problem we’ve been having with venues though is the parking. No one has parking for us! This makes it difficult sometimes. Ah, but we figure it out. Everyone that worked at this venue was very nice, from the restaurant downstairs to the loader dudes out back, the attitudes were all positive. I set up the merch while the guys sorted out equipment and Rono set up guitar world (the guitar tech stand) and sat around.

People really dug the guys here, and they got a very positive reaction both during and after the set. People dancing, screaming I love you and what not. All of these things make for a fun time.

At one point in the night I found someone’s digital camera being kicked around the floor. Being the wonderful person I am, I grabbed it and put up signs to come talk to me if you lost a camera. Eventually a kid did, and I interrogated him before I handed it over. You can never be too sure!

Many times throughout the night, one of The Redwalls will walk over and check on the progress of what’s happening on my end. Whether it’s Andrew calling “Big Mike!” Rob leaning down on the table or Logan appearing out of nowhere, they’re sure to show up sooner or later… Justin just kind of meanders over in his Justinly way.

After the show, we all headed over to Rooney’s hotel, a really cool place, and hung out at the bar, conversed, looked at a Waldo book and generally had a good time before it was last call and they kicked us out. Even Wonder Woman was there! As much as I hate working late as a busboy, I still tend to abuse the open hours of bars sometimes (so does everyone else!). Remember, bartenders have families, dogs/cats/fish, homework and lives too! My tip to you is to tip well with a tip o’ the cap. That’s “Tip” with a captiptal “T”!

I crack myself up.

Portland... Portland. Portland, Portland. Ah... Portland.


Stage at the Roseland. Zappa Plays Zappa is playing there soon too!

Live and alive.

The work of MAD Dragon Records. I wondered who wrote this, because I'd know who they are!

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