Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Burgers and Boppers

In ‘N Out Burger is so good! I’m slowly narrowing down to the perfect meal, but I haven’t even begun to test the secret menu yet…

Last night was Anaheim, our first California date spent in perfectly cool weather, except we were inside. There was a delicious catered meal, something we haven’t had in a while, and sat out back with maybe a fifth of the Polyphonic Spree enjoying it. Yes it included a brownie. Ricky the harpist brought over this Tetris box with a bunch of strange pieces that somehow fit together into a cube. Apparently there are 9,000 something solutions, and everyone out of all the bands has yet to find one. It was decided that if you spend more than an hour on it you’ve earned yourself a PhD in Stupid.

October 30, 2007
Anaheim, CA

There were lots of kids there for The Redwalls! Plenty of them came up to me and told me they were here solely for them, and several had even driven a few hours to get there. Two in particular, Kari and Kendra, hung out and talked to me while they waited for the show to begin. I was stuck in the lobby again, so I would have been lonely otherwise. The only other person there was Jackie the stand in merch girl, she was cool too, but the Rooney fans kept her busy.

It was a typical night as far as signatures go until… one little girl asked them to sign her leather jacket! They said it was too nice a nice jacket, but she insisted, and the guys obliged. Now she’ll have a pretty awesome keepsake, and it’s even more rad cause it’s on leather.

After the show the place cleared out quickly, and we packed up and headed home. I think we’re all excited for Halloween in San Francisco!

Burgers! And well done fries.

Loading in.

The outside...

The inside.

"We can't sign that for you little girl!"

Rob finally gives in...

The final product.

A job well done!


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I adore Justin's brown and white outfit. Sexy!

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Very Interesting!
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