Tuesday, November 20, 2007


For not having the remainder of the blogs up sooner, they really should be. I'm honestly taking a day or two to relax here at home before I get the rest of the stuff up here.

Some updates:

The absinthe is awesome.
Jalepeno chips are awesome.
A Redwalls fan named Lisa and I hung out in Philly.
I am going on the headlining tour with the boys... tentatively. I haven't acquired a plane ticket yet, but once that happens I'm on my way.
My favorite ninja turtle is Raphael.
I just realized how unfriendly Philadelphians are upon my return. It's extremely disappointing.
Unfortunately, I won't be present at the gallery thing. Please come to the Metro so I can meet all of you anyway?


Justin Maser said...

Mike, Justin from Seattle here...... Do you have the new tour dates???? are they coming back out our way or is it a east coast thing. later.....

xtine said...

of course i'll be at the metro. but what is this about a headlining tour? ohh excitement.

i will def say hi at the metro, you seem like a cool guy and you need to me me. lol

Justi said...

I told all my friends about your absinthe discovery.
We are planning a road trip to N'Orleans.

headlining with which boys?

Laura said...

Seattleites are generally uber nice... you should come here instead. =]

Ha... ninja turtles!
I'm a Leonardo fan all the way. =P
Though, I think "Raphael" is a much more entertaining name to say.

Cassandra said...

Jalepeno chips are quite delectable. But yay i finally get to meet the man behind the blog ive been reading, Ill be at the Metro!

Keep it Classy San Diego

cara said...

lisa is rad. i can't wait for indianapolis and chicago..see you there! :]

redlipsnpearlz said...

Now that sounds like a great Halloween costume.
...and take your timeee we're not going anywhere.

Hannah said...

I"ll be at the Boston show :)

redlipsnpearlz said...

you're taking too long posting so i have to make another comment =)
what are you guys up to now?