Sunday, November 11, 2007


So far, it’s been solely Redwalls fans coming to the shows, not to say they haven’t grown their fan base at all. Every city provides several people who are enamored once they’ve seen them. But this is overall a growing experience for the band. Last night was the first headlining show they’ve had on this whole tour. It was booked because their support tour was taking a break for a day or two, so why not fill that space with a show?

November 9, 2007
New Orleans, LA

Last night was awesome. We arrived in NOLA early enough to load in under no real constraints and for the guys to have a bit of a rehearsal, as well. Once that was over we had plenty of time to walk up the street and grab a bite. So we did! I ordered jambalaya, which was good, but nothing to write home about. Afterwards we went back to the venue and sat around until the night started to pick up a bit. The Polyphonic Spree showed up for a bit to help support, but bus call forced them away again too early. They did get to see some of The Redwalls’ set though. The first band that played actually had a previous Spree member in it, and they heckled away. Playfully of course!

The Redwalls’ set was long and diverse and showed a different side of the band that I had yet to see. Logan said that a half hour set is nothing every night, and that they’re just getting warmed up, not even breaking a sweat. This set was an hour at least, and by the end there was sweat present.

Because it was their first show in NOLA, they had no idea what to expect as far as turnout. They were pleasantly surprised when Redwalls fans showed up more enthusiastic then ever, and plenty of others made a purchase or two. It looks like New Orleans is a place to return to.

After the show we loaded out and went down to an absinthe bar, which ended up being closed, and then moved on to the river. We were having a nice little time sitting on the steps leading down to the water, until security came and recited his lines to us. Basically, get out of the park.

Oh I forgot! We all bought bottles of “real” absinthe to take home. They just passed a law in New Orleans about a week ago that permits the selling of an absinthe made with wormwood. For those of you that don’t know what that means, wormwood is not present in any of the other absinthes you can find in the US, or is so little that it’s almost nothing. This bottle was made the traditional way, and yes, I’m very excited to try it out.

Jack himself.

Redwalls poster, show specific.


Rob gazing into the abyss of the Mississ... ippi.

Andrew plus I have a soft side for street lamps. Ten points to anyone who can say why.

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