Monday, November 12, 2007


Orlando was wonderful! Well, getting there wasn’t all that great. We had a terrible drive that Rono completed by himself; it was 12 hours or something close to it, he’s crazy. After we arrived though, things changed. We checked in to the hotel and moved on to the venue, which happened to be outside. I thought this would be a downside to the show at first, but with The Redwalls there are no downsides.

Andrew, Rob, Justin and I went to look for some food and stumbled across a Subway around the block from the stage. Normally I hate Subway, but… wait a second. I still hate Subway. This experience didn’t help it any. The sole employee working treated us all like butterbrains.

Man: “Are you lost? Can I help you? What do you need?”

Tutti: “We’d all like sandwiches.”

Man: “The sandwich line starts over there please.” (Five feet directly right of where we were standing)

The group hesitantly shuffles over to the sandwich ordering spot.

Man: “What can I get for you?”

Rob: “Turkey.”

Man: “What?”

Rob: “Turkey.”

Man: “What?”

Rob: “Turkey.” (Rob doesn’t yell, he just slightly raises his voice when he gets a tad frustrated)

Anyway, the place sucked. And I think he damaged my self-esteem a little.

November 11, 2007
Orlando, FL

The guys got a 40-minute set that night, and with a longer set comes prolonged fun! After doing a multitude of short ones I’m sure they love the length of a headlining slot. It also gives me the opportunity to hear other songs live, and all of them are just plain great. There were several Redwalls fans there, and as usual paid their respects with reverence. I got a picture with a few, check them out! One girl came up to me and said she read my blog, and then recited lines from it. Creepy? No, she was a very nice girl. I just told her I would call her creepy online.

Neil and Bob were also there and having a good time. Neil had ants in his pants the whole night. I understand that feeling, I was jealous that he had it! It’s really compelling to see people that really love the band.

The night ended in the guys hitting up a bar and me going out with my Aunt and Uncle, whom I haven’t seen in two years, until 4am at IHOP. It’s strange how you can be out of touch with certain family for so long and still have a great time together. I wish I had more time to spare, but at least I got to see them. My cousins are giants now, too. They just sprouted up like bean stalks. Weird.

This Pabst sign was gigantic.

Hanging out... on stage. You know, the usual.

The crew with Neil and Bob. Where the heck is Rob?!

Oh, there he is. He kind of looks like a giant in this picture.

Me and the creepy girls ;) JK JK! Geez!

The streets were alive with... women with abnormally large calves.


ellie said...

and i thought the five hours i drove was bad. i do agree, however, that orlando was wonderful. their playing "game of love" and "they are among us" made my day (if not my week). going to that show was also the first thing i did since turning 18 that required i be 18 or older.

Jade said...

That PBR sign is amazing.

Anonymous said...

who are tutti and jason and neil?

and i agree with jade about that pbr sign. it rox.

Jessica said...

The picture of Neil and Bob with the crew - there's some sort of mind trick going on where Justin's arm and Logan's hand morphs together. Is it just me? For a brief moment I thought Justin was scratching Logan's thigh and I thought WTF?! lol I thought it was funny, but then again it is 4:30 am. I wish I could get the hell out of college and tour with a band like you are! What college are you at btw?

Genevieve said...

YOU'RE creepy ;)

the ihop in downtown orlando is the best ihop there is. it's been proven. what did you order? and did you see the hobo with the tennis balled walker that always hangs around outside? he's a real pisser... literally. uh oh.

annnnd i look too drunk to handle myself in that picture. yikes.