Monday, November 12, 2007


So this post is dedicated to you guys who leave me comments, because I do enjoy them, and also because I feel bad when you ask questions and I don’t answer them. So here are my responses to what some of you said or asked. All of them are meant lightheartedly, hope I did alright!

Hey, jealous!! I have to sit and grade papers! Say Hi to the guys for me, and I'll look forward to reading about your travels....
-Marcy RW

Marcy, I heard you think I’m funny. I’m glad I can encourage giggles from remote locations across the US. I will definitely say hi for you, and I can’t wait to get back! Also, I was checking out my requirements to graduate, and I still have a bunch of ensembles to complete… is that going to be a problem? ;)

i'm not gonna lie, you played a big role in my decision to buy merch.
ahaha =]]
ferreal tho.
you did.
you had the most beautiful smile, ever.
i think i must've walked past the merch tables like 30483084 times. true story.
do you get a lott of people who spazz out 'cause of the free stickers, or was that just me, 'cause i definitely got way too excited.
ohmann, anyway.
basically, i'm incredibly envious of you and the fun you're most likely having with the two best bands on the planett.
that is all.
seeyahhh later && take care

1) I’m flattered and didn’t actually think my smile helped until this comment. 2) You’re the only sticker spaz I’ve met so far. Helena is a wonderful name, by the way. I once met this little girl with the same name, whose father owned an island in Hawaii.

I always get excited whenever I see you guys live. And it's awesome that you're from Chicago, since Milwaukee's just a second away. If you can, you guys should come back up here after the show at the Metro w/ Jonathan Rice in December. That would be INSANE.
Take care, and lots of love,

I can’t promise anything, but I bet it would be asylum-worthy. There was a lot of Pabst in Milwaukee. Beeeeeeeer. The Redwalls are the Chicago boys, I’m a Philadelphian!

Anonymous said...
So, you were the guy that looked at my husband like he had three heads when he bought the cd. :)

I am confused by this comment. Is it a cynical strike at my confusion? Yet the statement is followed by a colon and closed parenthesis indicating playfulness. You got something against three heads, lady? Let me tell you something, three heads equates to three times the brainpower and potential sophistication! Get it right or pay the price! ☺←------ indicating playfulness ☺←------ indicating playfulness ☺←------indic…

Anonymous said...
ha ha ha, yes San Diago discovered by the Germans in 1904 and means a whale's...
nice post title, made me chuckle.

Beard of Zeus, I love that movie. I salute my shorts to you!

DOVE, you look less than cynical. It was wonderful meeting you, and maybe we will cross paths in the future. PS - get off your cell phone!

Anonymous said...
i love that manchovies picture like none other.

I felt pretty clever after that one. I also felt especially clever after my Houston picture caption “Analogan”. BANG!

Neirbo said...
Nice blog. I've been to just about every single Redwalls show in the Chicagoland area. Can't wait for the Metro.
Any idea when the Modern Diet video is coming out?

Hey Neirbo, you seem like a dedicated fan, so show yourself at the Metro and I’ll put a picture of you up here! I can’t wait for the Metro either, it should be huge. As far as the video is concerned, you should be seeing it shortly.

Just an FYI, the red castle-like building is the Old Dallas Courthouse. Glad that ya'll seemed to enjoy your time in Dallas. It was good to meet you at the show.

Thank you Sarah! Dallas was wonderful, especially the people. Now I can harbor that knowledge until the next time I see the building, and then whip it out as if I were omniscient!

cara said...
here's that radio performance you speak of...

Cara is totally on top of this stuff. Everybody check this out.

evan said...
what movies did you guys watch, and should we watch them too or avoid them at all costs? :)

Hey Evan, the first film was one I just bought at Waterloo called All My Loving. It looked intriguing, but ended on a really strange note. I think it tried too hard. They would hopelessly drag on these musical segments and flip-flop from the generally feel good music of the time to pretty horrific scenes of the political landscape. More disturbing than anything, but maybe that’s what they wanted? The second was Club Dread by Broken Lizard. I love those guys, but I heard bad things about this movie. I should have learned by now not to listen to anybody else’s opinion on films. It did have its slow moments, but overall I’m glad I saw it. If you like Super Troopers and Beerfest I’d say this is a go.

Jade said...
I loved everything about the photos. 1. Cowboys boots. I wear them a lot; 2. Rocko?! I haven't watched that in ages. 3. Junk. I . . . just like junk.

Jade, someone told me I have to wear boots to get with the program. And then the next day someone told me the opposite. Give me some direction here! R-E-C-Y-C-L-E recycle! Conglomo? Junk is one of my favorite things. There’s just so much cool junk! Go to that place, I’m sure you’d love it.

Brendan said

Who be this? I will pass along this exclamation.

for Narnia!!
And I'm kinda jealous about the green fairy drink you guys got.

Justine is awarded ten points for knowing Narnia, but she did have a hint! Still, kudos for remembering. I haven’t even opened the bottle yet. I’m going to wait at least a couple more weeks and just look at the thing for now. I really can’t wait to try it though.


ellie said...

you might not remember, but in orlando, i asked what color a shirt was and you told me it was red, but i finally got it out of you that was actually grey. anyway...when i got home and showed my mom my nifty purchase, her fisrt response was, "oh, but it's not red." i hadn't said anything to her about it, so i was thoroughly amused.

Anonymous said...

oh I won 10 points?

I just randomly go on blogs shouting
"for Narnia!"

So if it is any good (the green fairy) I will need to try and stop by N'Orleans before our rock star party.

cara said...

three things in response to the responses:
1. yes..that comment about analogan was amazing. that caption was better than the manchovies one, actually.
2. don't tell dove to get off the phone..she was talking to me and letting me talk to redwalls and basically making my night. :]
3. thanks for's fun to hear what you have to say about what other people say! :]

Anonymous said...

I feel so honored I got mentioned on Mike's blog! I am coming from Dallas to Chicago for the show at the Metro, see you then.

Oh and thanks for doing this blog its been really great.


Brendan said...

I said Rono!!!! I know him. tell him this is the drummer for The Ivorys.. im cool with Mitch as well. We opened for the redwalls at HOB and I was backstage 2 years ago at their NYE show. Rono will know!