Friday, November 16, 2007

It Was The Pitts…

Eh, not really. I love Pittsburgh. It’s another gorgeous city that fits up there with Portland for me, but why do they both have to be so cold?! It actually snowed while we were there. We had to get there pretty early to claim our reserved parking space, and when we finally arrived a white car was pulling up into our spot. Rono leaned his head out the window and said, “Hey brother, you can’t park there.” If you ever meet Rono, he will call you brother at least once. The guy was kind of wild eyed and looked like he was thinking a lot, but he yelled back, “No! I’m the guy that pays you! I park here!” to which we were all like whoa! We weren’t expecting that response to say the least. Later we got a good laugh with the guy out of it though. Ah, sweet misunderstandings!

I also met a girl named Lauren who wanted to go to Drexel for music industry, she was very cool, and shadowing venue people already. I wish I had gotten started that early… Marcy and Terry you may remember her, she was in the summer program.

The street that the venue was on was called Carson, and it was full of things to do. A pizza shop that was amazing, a magic shop (where the hell do you find those now a days!), tattoo parlors everywhere, a costume shop, a culture shop with silver and handmade clothing and some cool trinket type stores with those silly t-shirts that say you have voices in your head.

November 15, 2007
Pittsburgh, PA

The show was great. There was a crowd of Redwalls fans that showed up, one with a sweater that he made with iron on letters sporting the band’s name. The whole time the guys were on they would chant between songs and scream “Redwalls!”

My favorite part of the show was when Tim from the Polyphonic Spree did an impression of Scotty, Rooney’s tour manager.

“Right Scotty? Seriously, hey. Seriously. Hey. Seriously… hey.”

When we got back to the hotel Justin asked if Rono and I had created our own language of gibberish to which I replied, “Waaaaaaah.”

Yo Ron-O!

View from the hotel.

I liked this building.

Rob and Andrew.

Close up.

Look at the smiles on their faces!

Snowy Pittsburgh.


Anonymous said...

"a magic shop (where the hell do you find those now a days)"

We have one here in Philly! It's on.... a number street just north of South Street. It's right next to the TLA video store.


xtine said...

there are some in chicago... you just need to know how to find them... lol