Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Back To The Grind

We moved on to St. Petersburg, and joined up with the Polyphonic Spree and Rooney once again. It was nice to see those guys after a few days off of the tour. Before the show I ran down the street to this place called Angie’s CafĂ© at 1st Ave. and 2nd St. right next to Jannus Landing where Chiodos happened to be playing, and grabbed my first cheese steak in over a month. I just couldn’t resist any longer; thankfully it was good.

November 11, 2007
St. Petersburg, FL

The show went well, and we even got to see some friendly faces from the night before! It’s always nice to meet fans that support the band like that. I hung out at merch, and met another person who reads my blog. Her name was Michelle and she recognized me. I love it when that happens. Turns out she’s moving to Portland, so we had a bit to talk about. Why? Because I love Portland, that’s why!

And then I found a cigarette case and Jackie the merch girl said my white hoodie was stylin'.

Afterwards we stood out back and talked for a while with the Polyphonic Spree before finally deciding to get some fast food because it was like 3am.

Tomorrow’s a wonderful day off, tell you soon!

The State Theatre.

Smiling Logan con fans. Spanglish.

What the hell?

Like a deer in headlights.

Spree party! Everyone loves spree beer. Spree admission? Are you catching on?

Adam on a bike.

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Michelle said...

Aww. And I love seeing my name in a blog! Have fun while you're in Philly.