Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wax On, Day Off

Oh boy, another long drive. How long? Just as long as the last long drive, maybe longer. Though length can sometimes be relative and determined by moods and how awake you are and etcetera. I was pretty average, so the drive was probably about as long as it should be. Anyway, guess who drove the whole thing again. You got it! Me!

I mean Rono, he’s intense.

What did we eat, you ask? Well first was Chick-Fil-A, where a woman questioned us about being musicians, to whom Logan said we were just on holiday. Her little boy was a trooper; he tumbled down the whole spiral staircase in the playpen and got right back up to climb again.

That was the end of that and then the next place we ate was Outback where we had large steaks and bread and a blooming onion and Logan and Justin shared a sundae.

The end of a long day happened in a hotel room with the six of us squeezed in, and free wireless internet. None of that $10 a day crap, I won’t have it I tell you!

The next day we passed this place called South of the Border that I stopped at with my Mom, brother and sister once. They had a bathroom for pets, like a fake yard with Astroturf and a cartoonish white picket fence. It brought back memories...

Walking to dinnaaaaaah.


This place! Looks out of place!

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ellie said...

ahh...south of the border. the billboards for that are great in an extremely goofy sort of way. i know that stretch of 95 all too well.