Friday, November 9, 2007

House-ton (As the New Yorkers Do)

Another day off, but not by choice! Unfortunately the show at the Verizon Theatre was cancelled, which left us with nothing but a hotel room and more free hours than we knew what to do with. Luckily the guys had a friend in the Houston area, and they did a quick on air interview with him on his station before he began showing us around.

First stop of significance. Well, less of a stop than a slow drive by. We were on the campus where Rushmore was filmed, which also happens to be the nanotechnology capitol of the world. If you haven’t seen that movie get the hell on it! We drove past the walk that Max and Rosemary (I think) take whilst holding hands. See picture!

First was a really good taco place where I discovered Matt, the guys’ friend, lived in Philadelphia for a while! That’s always cool, to relate to someone who knows the city like you do but through an entirely different experience.

The first stop was Matt’s house where we dropped off our stuff and immediately left again. He knew exactly where I wanted to spend my time, and hopefully the guys agree. First was a music store that was probably the best one I’ve ever been to. It had tons of used equipment, rare finds and a great staff and just everything a music store should be. This was my first opportunity to actually sit down and play guitar on this whole tour. It felt so good. I can’t wait to get back to Philadelphia to grow my project more… lbss. Rob picked up a brand new cymbal to replace his recently cracked one, and Andrew snagged a pretty hard to find pedal called the Micro Amp that he’d been looking at for quite some time. I don’t think anyone else made any purchases, but I’ll tell you places like that put ideas in my head.

Nextly (not a word but it’s what came out) we went to this crazy thrift store full of cowboy boots and a ridiculous amount of other STUFF whose origins are lost in the dust. Mirrors, cassettes, jackets, typewriters, light bulbs, picture frames, suitcases and lastly what I was looking for, a nice sturdy box. Simple eh? Well I need some sort of travel case for the future, so it was an amazing find. I really had to dig for it too.

After that we headed back to Matt’s place, he headed out to a mustache meeting. Andrew, Justin and I sat down and relaxed to a couple movies before it was time to turn in, and that is just what we did.


Shhhhhh... we're on the air!


The Texas Junk Co. (cr. Matt)

It eats your brain. Rocko's Modern Life anyone? (cr. Matt)

That would take a lot of feet! (cr. Matt)

Analogan. (cr. Matt) Haha.

It's a long trip... (cr. Matt)

Me! And the junkmaster. (cr. Matt)


evan said...

what movies did you guys watch, and should we watch them too or avoid them at all costs? :)

Jade said...

I loved everything about the photos. 1. Cowboys boots. I wear them a lot; 2. Rocko?! I haven't watched that in ages. 3. Junk. I . . . just like junk.

Anonymous said...

Rocko's Modern Life . . . I feel like a kid again. That is f'ing fantastic! Kinda reminds me of Doug and Ren and Stimpy