Saturday, November 17, 2007

Green Gahd-Damn-Delicious

New York. New. York. What a wonderful way to close out the tour for everyone. Actually we have one more show before it’s completely over with, but having this towards the end was a good idea. There were almost 2000 people at this show, and that’s quite a good amount.

When we first got there we encountered an angered BMW owner who came and broke into our van to yell at me. Actually he just opened the door without knocking. The band was yelling to lock it, but seriously, who opens a door without knocking on the window? We were parked in front of the exit to this tiny parking lot. The nut was trying to enter the exit. Durrrrr man it’s an exit! Instead of buying BMW’s maybe he should look into anger management… I just told him it wasn’t a big deal and smiled. So essentially we were having some parking trouble, and the venue was having difficulty providing us with adequate space for the van and trailer. Unfortunately none of the surrounding lots would accept our outfit for less than a ridiculous amount of money and it seemed we were going to get a little screwed by that city. Luckily Rono pulled out his little bag of tour manager dust (don’t worry, it’s nothing illegal) and sprinkled some on the sitch. Oh wait, maybe he used his Jedi mind tricks… I can’t remember. We ended up with this pretty cool film license that allowed us directly outside of the place. Score!

November 16, 2007
New York City, NY

As I said earlier, the show was large! The merch was rushed several times, and I used my merchandising expertise to help out the Rooney kids as much as possible while still regulating my universe. There were a good bunch of Redwalls fans there, you can tell because you’re always smiling! And you’re older than twelve!

So after the show The Polyphonic Spree was having an after party at the Beauty Bar and it was an open bar… cabbed it and we were there in a jiffy. Which is an actual measurement of time.

I hung out with Genevieve and her roommate and friends. She brought me some tasty Thai. Mmmmm. I don’t know what happened to the rest of the guys though; they ended up disappearing to some other bar or something. I stayed at the place and enjoyed freedom until it was time to go back to New Jersey and sleep. Ah what a good night!

Like a small worm, we burrowed our way into the big apple.

Andrew backstage. Cool picture by me.

Dressing room... mirror standing on floor?

The view from right outside the dressing room. Like a hawk!

Stage shot.


Justi said...

I love the entering NY picture.

cara said...

i love this part:
There were a good bunch of Redwalls fans there, you can tell because you’re always smiling! And you’re older than twelve!

and that cool picture by you. cool picture by you. cooler mitten by andrew.

lisa said...

'cooler mitten by andrew'

haha! his mitten made me smile when I saw it and laugh just now because i appartently was wasn't the only one who noticed that. :)

Anonymous said...

That mitten was gigantic but looked oh so warm

rrrrrachel said...

very awesome. mostly i just feel insanely lucky to have been there.

Emalee said...

I completely agree with Rachel!