Friday, November 9, 2007

Big Day Out.

What a looooooong day. There are a lot of “o’s” there to emphasize how long it actually was. We woke up early in Dallas to hit the road to Austin so we could make all our scheduled appearances on time. It was a fairly short drive in comparison to some of the others we’ve taken. So I guess I’ll divide these up like shows, because that’s technically what we did that day… play three shows.


The guys had an interview and performance with this public station first, and we made it in and out right on the dot of the clock. The interviewer had some pretty decent questions, such as the “where did you get your name” question, who’s answer still eludes many of us.

They played four songs, including Game of Love and They Are Among Us, two of my personal favorites, and the sound was impeccable! See if you can scout this out online somewhere, it’s a great performance.



This was a cool record store! I’m going to have to remember it for the next time I’m in Austin. I succeeded in purchasing two DVD’s, one a Zappa session that was unreleased, and another television program called All My Loving that looked pretty cool. I haven’t watched them yet, but I’ll let you know how they go. They also gave me a free t-shirt. I like clothing.

This place sported the tiniest actual stage (as in it’s meant to be a stage) that I’ve ever seen. The boys really did have to squeeze in there, but pulled it off with finesse. There was a sizeable crowd to counter the teeny stage, and some uninhibited fans there as well. One girl took to the floor in her cowboy boots to show us a thing or two about strutting, and singing The Redwalls’ songs. The rest nodded their heads in approval.

This was another in and out, and we did it in record time! Wonderful are we at beating the tick tock to flee.


We went to this really good little pizza place for dinner called Rosalie’s or something similar. It reminded me of a shop in Montreal too, or maybe I did eat at that place once before? Oh it all melts together…

November 7, 2007
Austin, TX

This venue has quite the busy buzz around it; apparently it’s the bee’s knees. Get it? Lots of bee humor? You’re lucky I’m kidding around and not sending stingers your way.

I’ll stop now.

Emo’s was awesome! It’s the type of venue that I would want to play coming through Austin. Everyone was hospitable, people spent money on merch, and it was generally a good time. The only downside is that it’s half outside, and it got quite chilly. I don’t move very much, so I’m left to curling up in a fetal position. Gets old quick.

The crowd was large for The Redwalls. I think that had to do with the show being a late one, not starting until 10PM actually gives people time to show up. This resulted in a nice quantity of CD’s sold, and apparently the hot buy was the small blue gun shirt. I personally like that one myself. Maybe I’ll pick one up before I peace out.

Arriving at the radio station.

Performing LIVE.

Waterloo itself.

Rob hanging out.

There was a big crowd in there, and this girl started dancing. It was awesome.

This venue is awesome.

Everybody loves The Redwalls!


cara said...

here's that radio performance you speak of...


redlipsnpearlz said...

Just found this, and i have to say: great blog.I was at the Henry Fonda show, but I can't remember seeing you...hmmm...
well, thanks for the updates!