Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Dallas Palace

So a day off, what’s to do? One of the first things we did is head out to a little BBQ joint called Sonny’s. It was only Andrew, Rob and me, but it turned out great nonetheless. Pulled pork sandwich with this really tangy and awesome sauce. Yum.

Afterwards we spent some time digesting in the hotel room before Audrey from the Polyphonic Spree came and picked us up to take us out on the town. First we went to a restaurant where a very nice friend of hers was working, hung out for a bit, a couple people recognized The Redwalls and eventually decided to move on.

Next was the Dubliner, a little bar right next-door where we spent some time just discussing tour politics. Third was Cosmos, a hip little place that got pretty fuzzy towards the end of the night. There was a fireplace surrounded by plush couches and a coffee table, and it had more of a café feel than a typical bar.

When we left we headed over to the Polyphonic’s practice space, which is actually a house, and it was awesome to see how they had everything set up. I guess they fit all 25 or so members into those tiny rooms, the choir practices upstairs, rhythm in the main room and guitars all go together somewhere else. Goes to show that it’s not much different than your average band everywhere else, but they take it way more seriously. And talent maybe has something to do with it.


The practice space.

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i love that manchovies picture like none other.