Thursday, November 15, 2007

Oh, Oh, Oh!

I didn't know what to name this post.

We’re nearing the end here, folks. What are you ever going to do without me? Well, I may be back in some time, for the future holds many uncertainties! On this home stretch of home stretches we’re beginning our deceleration at the cradle of cats in North Carolina. Not to say we’re slacking at all, definitely not, but I miss my cat for one, and my friends too sometimes, I guess. I miss cheese steaks, I miss the skyline, I miss not having anything else to do all day but lay around on couches, I miss Sopranos with Kemp, books with Cris, Lost with Cort, Taco Bell with EJ, Brandon’s incessant noisemaking… I even miss class and work. Now, I’m not THAT homesick, but I think we’re all going to be extremely happy to get back to home base. Philadelphia, how I feel for thee.

November 13, 2007
Carrboro, NC

This venue was a little different than most of the places we’ve been. It wasn’t a theatre; it wasn’t a large-scale place. It was one of those cool clubs that’s made a name for itself in a location where there isn’t much going on other than what they’re putting together and can somehow snag all the cool acts that come through. Hoots and Hellmouth are playing there in a couple weeks. Hey Biff!

I was located on a kind of pedestal, where I damn well should be. Seriously I was raised off of the ground, I guess it was more of a platform, but I didn’t have a chair. Enough of this!

The show went wonderfully, and the guys grabbed plenty of new fans this time around. Two girls came to interview them, and a bartender that was playing their CD in his bar earlier in the day showed up too thanks to Rooney letting him know they were coming through. The Spree ended late, even after they had shut the water off, and we left to go to this bar built between two rail cars. I think it was called the Southern Rail. It was a nice little location for an after show drink, and then we transported a few Spreesters back to the buses and went to the hotel.

The end of a long day came with Justin asking why he had to sleep next to my creepy and dusty black box that I bought at the Texas Junk Co. Now that he mentioned it, it is kind of creepy. It smells a little funny too.

Mmmmm Canon color swap.

I spy a Christianna...



Zee stage.

My corduroid legs?

Hanging by the merch. Justin and Andrew with Carrie to the right.

Road trip.


xtine said...

So I've been reading thing since the band was in chicago with rooney (they sucked me in at the show and i haven't stopped listening to them since) but i was wondering if you'd be at the gallery thing on wednesday.

Justi said...

Speaking of things that are smelly from Texas.. kidding.

but I found some cool places to tell you to go to in Dallas if you ever pass through again.
Cosmic Cafe
Exhibition Park

Laura said...

Haha... you should take a picture of your creepy black box... I'm kinda wondering what it looks like now. xD

Christianna said...

ah! you caught me! don't forget the secrets on december's posters ;)

come home safe, please.

another laura said...

So you're who I talked to and snapped my friend and mine's photo with the band! I figured you were with them. Amazing show and in the merch pic I'm in the background in the black and white stripes haha.

game of lover said...

why DID justin have to sleep next to your creepy black box??